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"There is an incredible sense of belonging that you feel when you join a group like this – your vulnerability just seems to drop away, and you learn to trust the instincts of the group. I love what you bring.

Thank you!"    

- Elise, Primary School Teacher 


"Uplift is brilliant and is able to get the most tentative singers to engage and overcome their fears and inhibitions. Audrey has a great voice which inspires

the students to exceed their expectations.  We are incredibly fortunate to have her.”

- Gerry Josephson, Founder and Director of 

   Grail Quest Foundation Course in    


Uplift Singing
Communities, Conferences and Workplaces

Uplift offer dynamic, instantly rewarding and fully interactive group singing experiences. 

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced singer, Audrey creates relaxed environments for everyone to enjoy the many benefits of group harmony singing. 

Community Choirs

Community Development through Community Choirs

Group Singing is a powerful way to bring people together, playing a vital role in building strong, diverse and healthy communities. Over her many years experience, Audrey has developed a unique technique that makes group singing more accessible to the wider community. In Southern Tasmania, Audrey offers regular weekly group singing sessions, featuring a a wide-ranging repertoire that includes both contemporary and traditional songs and harmonies from around the world.  

Regular group singing is proven to:

- Develop your ear for music and harmony 

- Improve the tone, range and quality of your singing and speaking voice

- Improve mental health and well being  

- Create a sense of belonging and community

- Improve memory, cognition and mental acuity

- Lower cortisol levels and provide stress management

- Boost the immune system and thyroid

- Alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression

- Heighten mood by increasing levels of oxytocin and releasing endorphins

- Balance the metabolism

- Improve fitness levels

- Support heart and lung health

Uplift is proudly licensed with OneMusic Australia. Music creators, authors and artists deserve to get paid when we use their works!"

Regular Weekly Sessions


West Winds Community Centre - Woodbridge - 5.30-6.30pm Wednesdays


Snug Village Community Centre - Snug - 5.30-6.30 Tuesdays

Kickstart  Arts - New Town - Restarts - Feb 2024 - 6-7pm - to book your place contact Audrey here

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"There is an incredible sense of belonging that you feel when you join a group like this – your vulnerability just seems to drop away, and you learn to trust the instincts of the group.

I love what you bring. Thank you!"    -      Elise, Primary School Teacher

Music and the ability to create it, is gift for life, a source of enjoyment and fulfilment in the good times and a resource we can draw on during the challenging times.  It's never too late or too early to begin the journey of learning or improving our musical ability.  Audrey can support you to improve your vocal range and tone, confidence and enjoyment of singing and to begin the journey of a new instrument with guitar tuition.  Audrey works from the very beginning to bring out your unique musical expression from her home studio on the Channel in Southern Tasmania. 

Corporate Events and Workplace Development

Group singing​ can bring team building, accelerated learning and personal development to your conference or workplace. Our workshops are exhilarating, transformative and fully interactive, providing an instantly rewarding and memorable experience.

Here are just some of the benefits group singing can bring to your workplace or next conference:

- Powerful team building experiences by instantly bringing people together in a fun and    

  dynamic way 

- Improved memory, cognition and mental acuity

- Improved mental health and well being  

- Proven stress management by lowering cortisol levels 

- Heightened mood by increasing levels of oxytocin and releasing endorphins

- Development of effective listening and interpersonal skills

- Improved fitness levels

Contact Audrey, founder of Uplift Singing today to discuss how we can support your next event or workplace environment. 

One on One Sessions
Events and Workplace

Audrey Lonergan Rowe, DipMus, CertEFP

Audrey is a singer, songwriter, choir leader and performing artist with over twenty years' experience directing singing groups both here in Australia, and internationally.


Through her business, Uplift Singing, Audrey runs five regular choirs in Southern Tasmania with a focus on bringing the joy of singing and music making into people’s everyday life.


Certified in Estill Voice Training EFP, Audrey also runs a studio offering one-on-one vocal couching and music lessons, using specialised techniques to support her students to gain vocal confidence and freedom.

As a performer, Audrey has worked professionally for over 30yrs both as a solo singer – songwriter and in a variety of bands and collaborations. She is a long term member of Tasmania's own a cappella trio The Clementines who in 2017 won 'Director's Choice' at the renowned Festival of Voices in Hobart. Audrey regularly performs at festivals, events and sold-out shows around Tasmania, as well as live performances on ABC Hobart Radio.  You can also hear her on the recent TV series Deadloch, as a member of the Deadloch Womens Choir.

Audrey’s love of singing in harmony is infectious and her ability to bring a group together creates a unique and instantly uplifting singing experience.  

"It's been a privilege and pleasure to sing with Audrey in both performance and as part of her workshops. Audrey's singing and harmonies bring a beautiful richness to the music. Her workshops are led with a strength and skill that brings people together and gives them a comfortable space to grow. It is a gift to be on the receiving end of her work and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Uplift workshops to anyone wanting to experience the power of group singing"


Frances Madden - Singer, Songwriter, Musician 


Photo and Video Gallery
Hobart Town Hall - Festival of Voices - July 2023
Woodbridge  Tasmania  2019
Freiburg  Germany  2018
Hobart - 2023
Sunshine Coast  Queensland  2020
Woodbridge  Tasmania   2019
Kingston  Tasmania   2021
Kickstart - Hobart - Tasmania   2023
Audrey (Hobart) - 0455 483 074
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"Singing with Uplift is courage for my soul and deepens the pool of love in my heart, I look forward to it punctuating my week with joy."

     Sam, Carpenter and Beekeeper

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